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What is Open Credential Publisher?

OCP is a wallet application that allows North Dakota citizens to collect, store, and share their High School Transcripts as verifiable credentials. In addition, any achievement that is formatted as a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) or Open Badge can be collected in the wallet. Having these credentials stored in a wallet gives individuals agency over the records of their learning and experiences. These credentials can be shared with interested parties including higher education institutions or potential employers who are able to issue proof requests to individuals which can be fulfilled at the discretion of the wallet holder.

What does it do?


Put your North Dakota High School Transcript and any Badges you have received in your digital wallet.


Your wallet is your virtual file cabinet and will securely store your learning achievements.

Review and share

Review credentials published to a wallet and share the important ones for future learning experiences or employment opportunities.

Special thanks to the Walmart Foundation for supporting this and future phases of the work

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